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Showman Furniture in Maryland

In 1982 two college guys decided they would sell waterbeds to earn extra income as a means of financial support. As they embarked upon this endeavor they soon realized the demand for waterbeds was far greater than they anticipated. They moved from a small home operation to a store location and named the business Waterbeds Unlimited.

This lead them to begin selling other types and styles of beds and eventually bedroom furniture as well. The bedroom furniture business grew prosperous due to word of mouth advertising by its customers regarding superb quality furniture and excellent customer service.

They eventually opened another store and changed the business name to bedrooms Unlimited. Since 1982, the business has evolved into Showman Furniture and will add name brand living room and dining room to the already successful bedroom products. Thanks to superb quality and excellent customer service, the sky is the limit for Showman Furniture.

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