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Sometimes, when picking out new furniture, the number of options can be overwhelming. Many customers can find themselves wandering helplessly through the furniture store unsure which pieces to choose or where to even start. Not to worry – next time before you head bedroom furniture shopping, use these tips from Showman Furniture for a more productive trip.

1) Know What You Need

Are you shopping for an entire bedroom furniture set or just a few pieces? Are you replacing, complementing or redesigning? Knowing your shopping goal is crucial to staying on track and leaving with the right purchase. Determine what piece(s) of bedroom furniture you are looking for and for what purpose:

– For sleeping: a bed, which includes a bed frame, headboard, footboard, box spring, and a mattress

– For convenience: nightstands that will be the right height and size for your new bed

– For storage: dressers, vanities or storage benches

– For entertainment: an armory or other pieces of furniture to serve as a TV stand

2) Prioritize: Style or Savings?

A lot of the decisions over your bedroom furniture come down to style. There are many different options to choose from: classic, traditional, modern, minimal, country, trendy and many others. For some, this is the most important element. For others, the decision can be easily determined by budget. When it comes down to style vs. price tag, you need to know which side you are on.

Decide before you even go into the store whether or not you’re more concerned with the furniture style or how much you spend. Do a little research and look at the furniture styles available for your price range. If you find out you have an expensive taste and a limited budget, your options are:

– Wait and save up more to afford what you really want

– Search the web for sales, coupons and special offers that can bring the price down

– Compromise: find something similar at a lower price or from last year’s collection

3) Think Long-term

Most of us don’t buy new bedroom furniture every year or two – for the majority of shoppers, it is a major purchase expected to last many years, perhaps even generations. This is another instance where style comes into play. Before you commit to a piece of furniture, make sure it’s something you can live with for a long time. Canopy bed may be in right now, but will you still be happy with it in three years? To maintain both style and flexibility, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Go classic: wood is always stylish and a simple wooden bedframe can fit with any design
  • Look for furniture with removable or replaceable elements, such as footboards, hardware, finals, etc.
  • Consider wrought iron: it is extremely versatile and can be easily painted if you want a change.

Just like clothing, home decorating has trends that can fade in popularity just as quickly as they come – but you don’t want that to affect such important investment as bedroom furniture.

4) Do Your Research

As with any big purchase, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting into before you buy. You can find almost any information you want to know about bedroom furniture online. When you research, specifically look for:

– Typical dimensions a piece of furniture comes in

– Reviews on quality and durability of particular items

– Ease of assembly if applicable

– An average price range

– Looks, trends, and styles you like

– Your local or online retailers or showrooms

5) Be Prepared

When it’s time to make the trip to your local Maryland bedroom furniture showroom, there are a few items you can bring to make the final decision easier:

  • The exact dimensions of your bedroom and furniture that’s already in it
  • Dimensions of your bedroom and entrance door frame to ensure your new purchase fits
  • A list of the pieces you need with your total budget
  • The photos of styles you like with names and prices
  • Photos of your bedroom or samples of materials (floorboards, carpet, wall color, finishes, curtains, etc.) if you are trying to match your new piece of furniture to the rest of the décor.
  • A tape measure, just in case!

If you’ve done your homework, picking out your next bedroom set should be simple. All it takes for a quick and easy purchase is a little time to make sure you’re making the right decision – and that knowledge will certainly help you rest easy in your new bedroom!

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