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It’s not only the weather that looks bleak in January and February. When we’re trapped in our homes by cold, rain and snow, it’s all too easy to focus on what we don’t like about our homes, including the bedroom. Refresh your spirit and renew your energy by planning a bedroom redesign that incorporates some of the hot new trends for 2013 brought to you by Showman Furniture.

Start with your furniture.

Is it time to look for something new? The dresser that served you just fine when you were in college when your wardrobe consisted primarily of jeans, tees and sleep pants, may not be the right size or configuration to hold the career clothes that you wear on the job today. Tired of the bed that you inherited from Great Aunt Martha, or that you bought 20 years ago when you were first married? Give yourself a boost by picking out a new one that better reflects your current style. (If you live in the greater Baltimore or Washington area, you’ll find a great selection of bedroom furniture in Crofton at our store.)

Brighten up the walls.

When it comes to wall finishes in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong this year if you pick a rich jewel tone to set off the furnishings. Pantone Paints has chosen a vibrant emerald as its color of the year for 2013, and other paint companies and designers are following suit with amethyst, deep navy, rich reds, and similar tones. In keeping with this luxurious theme, gold is making a comeback in accent pieces for the bedroom.

Did you spend time during the last decade painstakingly removing wallpaper so you could paint on bare walls? You may be surprised to learn that wallpaper is now making a big comeback. Bold, graphic designs and prints are in, so you may want to limit its use to a single accent wall that will provide zip without overpowering your space.

Focus on comfort.

After spending many nights in hotel rooms, people who travel for business may long for the comforts of home, but still, miss some of the built-in conveniences they get in their bedrooms on the road. As you’re planning your bedroom makeover, consider adding a mini coffee bar to make it easy to get that first cup in the morning, or a small bar complete with mini-fridge where you can store fruit, cheese and a bottle of wine to enjoy when you return home after a busy workday. Find a space for a cushy chair or a loveseat where you can relax while you play on your tablet or watch a DVD.

Go natural with linens.

When it comes to bed linens, the spotlight is still on natural fibers, like cotton, linen, and silk. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect bedspread or quilt, though – designers today are showing beds that are turned down to show off the high-quality sheets underneath.

Creating Kids’ Space

A redo of your own bedroom may inspire you to tackle your kids’ rooms as well. Keep in mind that young people today, whether they’re pre-school, pre-teen or pre-college, want many of the same elements that their parents desire. At the Showman Furniture stores in Crofton, Maryland, and in Waldorf, Maryland, you’ll find bedroom furniture that will take them through every phase of their lives from early childhood to adulthood. All you need to do to keep their rooms up to date is repaint (or repaper) and change out accessories.

Fun and whimsical is always in style, so consider bringing some excitement to your son’s or daughter’s room with a ceiling that’s striped or studded with stars that glow at night. Add wallpaper highlighting a current interest to one or two walls. (Fortunately, wallpaper is easier than ever to remove if they outgrow their love of horses or baseball.)

Keep the room inviting by adding chairs or floor pillows where kids can lounge, but don’t forget to include space for a desk where they can do homework or work on their computers.

Even if your budget doesn’t allow a complete redesign of your bedrooms right away, it’s fun to dream and to plan during January and February, and it sure beats looking out the window and wishing that the weather was brighter and warmer.

Bedroom with light on side